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RC1 install / audio settings

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  • RC1 install / audio settings

    I had CF installed and running. I installed RC1 over it and it was working OK. I had some issues and uninstalled CR completely via add/remove programs.
    After the uninstall I rebooted and installed just RC1, when I attempt to start CF, I get an error that the program cannot be opened, sorry for the inconvenience, blah,blah,BS...
    Do I need to install the older version of CF first and then install RC1 over it?

    I'm also looking for suggestions in the settings for my speakers. If I play something through windows and the Creative Audio controllers (SB X-fi), it sounds great, however when I play through CF, it doesnt sound as good and I cannot seem to find the settings to tweak it. In the previous version of CF I was able to select my sound card under music devices (pg. 3 of the audio/video settings), when I installed the RC1 update, the box is there, but it doesnt show anything.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Ok I looked at the size of the files, and by common sense reasoning, I'm assuming that I need to install 1.47 and then the update to 2.0.

    However, still stumped on the audio settings.



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      it should work with just the RC1 install, the logs might help with this...

      we are working through a few sound device issues...

      the next update will make it a lot easier to post your logs, as well as to get updates...

      coming soon...

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        Thanks for the reply. I'm going to re-install CF tonight and will see what happens there and try to get some logs.
        Thanks again!