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  • Phone works...just too well

    Im using the new 2.0 and finally, i can use the phone! My problem is I dont pay the extra for internet access and my phone is connecting and racking up the extra charges like crazy. Last month they dinged me for about 50 bucks on data transfer fees.

    I dont really mess around with the web when driving and have no issues hooking up to wifi when needed. Does anyone know what I need to disable to avoid automatically connection to the net yet maintain the use of the phone? Sometimes this hobby really humbles my intelligence.
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    Will be nothing to do with CF, will be a setting on your phone. Go into network connections and disable auto connect to the net. Otherwise it could be a software fault in which case you might need to upgrade the firmware in your phone.


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      You can also call up your phone company and disable data transfer if you never plan on using it. This way you will never get charged for that service.