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Hardware Reccomendations? GPS Antenna, Bluetooth Dongle

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  • Hardware Reccomendations? GPS Antenna, Bluetooth Dongle

    I'm also using the BU-353 that I purchased locally. I cannot fault it.
    I installed my carpc into my pet Kangaroo, mate.

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    Sounds good, the BU-353 for GPS

    as far as bluetooth, anything recommended, or just whatever is inexpensive? It looks like I can purchase a random bluetooth dongle for around $8, but will I run into incompatibility issues with Centrafuse 1.47?


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      Hardware Reccomendations? GPS Antenna, Bluetooth Dongle


      I am almost ready to take my CarPC out of my garage, and install it into my car, but need to purchase a final batch of parts, a GPS antenna (USB), and a bluetooth dongle (USB)

      I am using the computer's serial port with my external application, so the GPS antenna will need to be on one of the USB ports, the same goes for the handsfree bluetooth dongle. I am looking for suggestions on which one to buy, I don't need anything state of the art, just something that will be 100% compatible with my setup.

      I am using Centrafuse 1.47 on WinXP Professional, SP3 - what are the recommended components, and where should I purchase them? Any help is appreciated


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        I'm using the BU-353 for GPS and purchased it from the mp3car store