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Feature request: Allow replacement of Centrafuse logo with menu buttons

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  • Feature request: Allow replacement of Centrafuse logo with menu buttons

    It would be very much appreciated if it were possible to show 2 extra buttons on the Main Menu instead of the Centrafuse logo.

    It is not so much a problem with the Centrafuse logo (but that does get tacky after a while, being so big), but it is a real waste of space when there is room to put 2 extra buttons (or 3 if the left/right arrows were repositioned a bit) so I would never have to worry about flipping through the Main Menu screens while driving.


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    Wouldn't that be possible with a new skin?
    Jan Bennett
    Centrafuse Support


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      I very much think so, as well. You should go to the CF forums and get the latest skin editing tools and tutorials, it should not be that hard as you are only making adjustments and not designing a skin from ground up.


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        Well... I think they should provide that option natively considering how much it costs.

        But even if the buttons were added with a skin (which I have zero experience with), how would the new buttons on the front screen map to the Button controls in Settings? I don't have CF in front of me now, but aren't those on a screen-by-screen basis or were they just numbered sequentially regardless of screen?


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          No, you can totally realign all the buttons around the screen. There is no given sequence of anything, but rather the "active areas" of the screen are defined in a separate file.

          Look at this skin/link, most of the buttons were relocated.

          You should check out the skins that have been made so far, there might be one that suits your taste, or you figure out how to do it yourself with that as an example. Someone might even pick up your idea and make a modified "stock" skin with a less intrusive logo. But right now a lot of skin developers are probably holding out for the final release...


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            Paracelsus: I think the link got broken in your last post. Thanks for the info.