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  • Centrafuse 2.0 RC4

    *** Centrafuse 2.0 RC4 is Here ***

    This release is being provided as a FREE update to Centrafuse 1.20+ and 2.0 RC1, RC2, and RC3. We recommend (but not required) that you uninstall all previous version of Centrafuse and all previous plugin installs before installing 2.0 RC4. See "FRESH INSTALL" instructions below.

    To upgrade your 1.20 license to a 2.0 license, visit your My Account page. If you do not see your license key on your My Account, please contact Support.
    From the My Account page, click the UPGRADE KEY link below to produce your new 2.0 license key. To install the Release Candidate for 2.0, download and install directly over your current 1.20 version. If you have the XLE version installed, the 2.0 installer will recognize this and leave your maps and settings intact.

    Centrafuse 2.0 RC4 is a 4th release candidate, and contains many bug fixes to RC3, but it is still not considered a stable release. It should be expected that there will be issues surfacing on various systems. With the help of users, we will be working to resolve these issues quickly and hope to be able to provide updates weekly or bi-weekly.

    Now in phone settings you can select which recording device (microphone), and which playback device, that Bluetooth will use for handsfree audio. This should fix all issues where user experiences their mic not working or hearing no volume from the phone through system speakers.

    You must install the new bluetooth stack if using phone in Centrafuse. This will erase your bluetooth devices and settings. This is IMPORTANT: You MUST delete the pairing off your phone before trying to re-pair your phone to Centrafuse with the new stack installed.

    You can now create a system report in which all Centrafuse log files, and other cf config info, are packaged into one easy-to-post .flux file. These logs will help us track down bugs reported. So, if possible for you, when reporting issues from now on, please include the system report in your post when reporting on that issue. To create a system report:

    Note that we recommend a "fresh" install for all RC installations (see "Performing a Fresh Install" below). However, the RC4 installer will auto uninstall any old versions of Centrafuse currently installed, meaning you can simply install on top of your existing RC3 installation.

    1. For XLE and NAV customers, copy (or move) all Map Directories from CF runtime folder to another location on your hard drive
    2. Uninstall any previous versions of Centrafuse
    3. Unplug any bluetooth dongle
    4. Uninstall any previous versions of Bluesoleil and any other bluetooth stacks or software on the system
    5. Remove CF settings directory from your LocalAppData folder - “Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Centrafuse” directory (vista), or “Documents And Settings\[UserName]\Local Settings\Application Data\Centrafuse” (xp)
    6. Remove Centrafuse runtime directory - "Program Files\Flux Media"
    6. Reboot Windows
    5. Install Centrafuse 2.0 RC4
    6. Uncheck "Run Centrafuse Now" checkbox when install completes
    7. For XLE and NAV customers, copy (or move) the map directories back to the CF runtime folder
    8. Re-insert any bluetooth dongle, make sure gray Bluesoleil icon in Windows system try lights blue
    9. Start Centrafuse

    If you are experiencing difficulty with our Bluesoleil stack and it recognizing your BT device, please see the below link to add support for your dongle. You must follow all instructions carefully, if you do do your dongle will most likely end up working (no guarantees though :-))


    This version is a 4th release candidate, and contains many bug fixes, but it is still not considered a completely stable release. It should be expected that there will be issues surfacing on various systems. With the help of users, we will be working to resolve these issues quickly and hope to be able to provide updates weekly or bi-weekly.

    It is recommended/required that you remove all other bluetooth stacks/software/drivers from Windows before installing Centrafuse (if you will be using Centrafuse Phone feature). As with most driver installs for a USB device, your USB bluetooth dongle should NOT be inserted before CF Bluetooth is installed. So, remove your bt hardware, uninstall any existing bt drivers/stacks, install CF, then re-insert your bt hardware.

    The Bluetooth stack provided with the 2.0 RC's is a trial version and currently has a 5 MB transfer limit. If after one or maybe a few phone calls the Bluetooth stops working, you will need to restart your PC to re-initialize the Bluetooth driver. This is only a limitation of the BlueSoleil trial edition within this Release Candidate and will not have this limitation when officially released ** UPDATE ** Bluetooth serial codes are close to being dispursed for current customers.

    All 3rd-party plugins used with CF 1.47 and earlier should reference the new cfplugin.dll and be recompiled under .NET 2.0

    Settings in 2.0 are now defaulted to show the Basic Settings mode. Advanced Settings can be enabled in 2 ways.
    To enable Advanced Settings temporarily, hold down the "+" button in the Main Settings Screen for 6 seconds.
    To permanently enable Advanced Settings, similar to older version of CF, pass the -advsettings command line option when starting Centrafuse.

    Each settings group that used to hold a Line-In value and had Buffer functionality will now hold a Record-Line-In value and a Playback-Line-In value, which will work with Buffer On, and Buffer Off, respectively.

    Basic Event Logging has been added in RC2 to better help us diagnose user issues. Event Logging can be enabled in General Settings (an advanced setting), or can be enabled by passing the -logevents command line option when starting Centrafuse. Function specific logs are also created for things like OBDII, Phone, and SatelliteRadio, these can all be enabled within their respective settings screens. New in 2.0 RC2, you can "Create System Report" from Settings that will package up all these log files for you.

    Some tips to follow on pairing your phone if things are not seeming to work for you:
    1. Delete the pairings from both your phone and Centrafuse (in CF just go into phone settings / device list and click the '-' button.
    2. Give your phone a power cycle, and give Centrafuse an exit and a restart.
    3. Re-pair your phone and CF, try initiating the pair from your phone, not from Centrafuse. Or on another try, initiate the pair from Centrafuse, but type in incorrect pincodes the 1st time to make pairing fail. Then click 'PAIR' button again, and go ahead and type in matching pincodes to create pair.
    4. Save out of settings. See if this makes any difference.

    *** 2.0 RC4 RELEASE NOTES ***


    Updated user manual
    Send a voice attachment in your emails
    Select microphone and playback device for handsfree audio
    Buffer correction - no more position label jittering and out-of-sync buffer over time
    Volume soft off / soft on during standby/resume
    Multiple pages for mixer levels to show any number of lines
    Ability to delay resume, to allow USB devices to init
    TMC for Navigation (Europe only at this time). See FAQ for compatible hardware.


    CF hanging on warning dialog
    Play timer going crazy when listening to music
    After install of RC2 Sirius icon replaced by XM
    Disconnecting phone leaves headset icon on
    Dial button always says "Cannot dial"
    Click Sound Level not adjustable in Setup
    ATT mute dose not work in video viewing screen.
    AAC and Missing tracks don't auto go to next song
    Cannot configure or use voice
    It still says Trial after registered in System Information dialog
    When radio loads at startup, agree box shows behind window and locks up
    The text random show in status bar while in satradio/radio
    COM port listings not in order, wrong descriptions
    Infill Settings Issues
    Shutdown starts Windows when running CF as shell
    Album art view skips two pages
    After phone call music resumes on left channel only
    Multiple crash scenarios when closing application
    Pressing a button after you darken the screen, click not ignored
    ATT standby issue
    Position number showing negative after the semi colon
    Playing track stops with 1 second left, doesnt advance
    HQCT - mute does nothin when in non-buffer mode
    Exiting radio/media, long delay before next click registers
    VCard Importer doesnt work
    Volume wouldnt go down in first run, Balance issue Phone and Nav
    Sirius Buffer issue with Silabs USB Radio installed
    Mute button does nothing when listening to radio
    Adjusting volume should disable ATT
    Play/pause button out of sync after loading album
    Phone has no volume during active call
    Web text size dose not chage when selecting largest
    Wav output gets muted when leaving radio
    Volume overlay not showing up
    turn icons in navigation not correct with left hand driving
    Language still changes after cancel settings
    Buffer not rolling over correctly
    ODBII sometimes doest reconnect
    Cam fails to record
    Position label jitters in buffer mode
    Mixer sub-control still doesn't work
    Playlist not reloading when CF starts
    CF locked while phone is connecting
    Delay while loading videos screen
    Enhanced graphics cause music menu to not open
    Radio screen not showing on first click
    Invalid RPM reading in OBDII, showing degrees F
    Gestures not saving when set in settings
    DVD mute button painted opposite of true state
    CF sometimes crashes on hibernate with phone connected
    Call hangup mutes wav volume
    Cannot set TTS voice unless speech is enabled
    Setup transparent buttons not in Onyx Skins
    Play button skin bug for Aura
    ATT Mute settings should be in Audio/Video settings
    Nav not working after hibernation
    Video playback stops after 1 minute
    Mp3Car forums will not accept .flux extension
    Log volume goes from min to max with one click
    Can't control volume after going into radio or phone settings
    Mic not working with phone
    black vis picture box appears om top of skin when video reloads
    pause button is play icon in down state, video/dvd only
    Volume popup text not displayed
    Balance gets set all the way to 1 side
    Changing skins causes inet icon to turn red

    *** 2.0 RC3 RELEASE NOTES ***


    Touchscreen friendly zoom buttons for Navigation
    Speaker Balance uses Windows mixer
    Soft off and soft on volume when making / receiving / finishing phone calls
    SDK method for dialing phone numbers
    Settings screen for setting up Gestures and viewing Gestures map
    Shuffle icon works as well as text in media screen to turn random on/off
    Auto reset bluetooth stack when critical stack errors occur
    Mixer Levels button shows number of devices using superscript text
    Display "Display Off" when holding down dim button to turn screen off
    Setup skins for Aura now display disabled buttons instead of nothing
    Volume that is adjusted to during phone call is saved, restored on all future calls
    Uninstaller prompts to delete settings


    Mute button bug - should create a drastic reduction in CPU usage for ALL users
    Fixed phone related crash when suspend/resume and/or exit cf
    Crossfading increases CPU usage each time track changes
    In fullscreen mode in high resolutions, CPU usage hits 100%
    1st pairing attempt with phone fails, 2nd one succeeds
    Phone settings editable on CF firstrun
    many users cannot open the phone settings at all
    DVD out of standby, does not resume playback
    Aura Skin - Screen Buttons Offset
    Pause DVD, then resume restarts the whole dvd to the dvd menu
    Infill bug, listening to radio, then go into infill radio stops working
    Settings cancel, createFolder, plusminus not working
    Getting started - playing media.wmv does not play
    Balance still does not work
    Uninstall does not set shell back to explorer
    Phone connection issues when changing phone settings and pairing new device
    When exit from Centrafuse they DIM my screen
    Open an external app but dont embed it the auto mute will not work
    Password text is visible in remote settings
    Full screen vis are on when suspend/resume screen gets painted over it
    GSM battery icon is showed above the Wifi Icon
    CF crashes when downloading music into media dir
    Holding down shift in OSK makes buttons go crazy
    New Mixer not working, phantom sliders, volume and balance switched
    Ejecting playlists fast causes CF to crash
    Download in My Account Invalid Key
    XLE maps are not staying after RC2 install (new map installers coming soon)
    when you restart it doesnt restart music playlists
    Adjusting balance in Win mixer causes CF volume change
    Nav comport/baud not saving correctly
    Video and Picture thumbnails not loading
    Tuning or seeking in radio does not stop a current scan
    Metric units not working in weather
    Dialup settings / phone # not saving properly
    Previous Track voice command does not work
    Changing station with buffer on doesnt completely clear buffer

    *** 2.0 RC2 RELEASE NOTES ***


    Faster map refresh rate, much smoother
    TMC (in Beta, requires D6 supported receivers)
    Touchscreen friendly map menu when touching the map
    Added "add to favorite" to touchscreen friendly map menu when touching map, auto loads to add favorite to specific folder
    Added ability to show favorite folders on the map by using hide/show button in favorites section of navigation, this auto sets up alerts at 500m and then another at 100m


    New option in settings "Create System Report" to package up all CF logs into 1 file, to help in debugging user issues
    Option to save system logs to USB device when created
    Updated Nav engine with 2x faster graphic updates


    Weather Plugin not working
    Volume/Balance issues
    License Reactivation issues
    Radio does not work on resume
    Improper message displayed when BsSDK.dll not found
    Main Title Paint problem
    Mixer sliders going off-screen
    Silabs/Adsinstantfm not functioning whatsoever
    Infill Plugin not working in new 2.0RC1
    Radio settings shows 'Graphics' as the title.
    HD Radio will not initialize
    Missing Translations
    DVD does not work in 2.0
    HD/Pictures switching causes issue in media
    Loading Pictures Single-Click Issue
    Xheo Licensing issues
    Skin always says Aura in settings
    Cant select COM port for HD radio
    Normalization option doesnt save
    Dim settings are not being reset when exiting CF
    Can't make calls from Contacts List
    Cannot set Music Sound Device
    ATT mute not working correctly
    Title scroll options in wrong setup section
    Music will not pause or show in playlist after Artist browse
    CF Shortcut not correct after install
    Bug selecting song in Music then exiting
    Voice Rec does not work when music is pauses
    WiFi setup is missing label for 'Refresh Networks Interval'
    Closing CF when running as shell is not loading Explorer
    Gestures messing up being able to move map around in nav
    Vista icon / start button on Vista doesnt hide with taskbar
    voice command next track doesnt switch the track
    Volume reading not precise on volume popup
    After return from hibernate, radio playback line will not unmute
    Shutdown and Restart options do not work on cf exit
    Phone does not re-connect after standby
    Position text shows -00-01 when CF starts w/o music
    Gestures on visulisations don't work, disable gestures on visuals
    DVD Menu display issue
    XM audio does not unmute after Nav Voice Prompt
    Favorites not being saved
    Graphics resolution text displayed off on screen
    location settings in Weather do not save
    Phone volume way off
    Music resumes after phone call when it shouldn't
    Issue loading and playing videos
    Sirius Channel List will not completely refresh

    *** 2.0 RC1 RELEASE NOTES ***


    Uses .NET 2.0 Framework
    Integrated Phone and Bluetooth stack, more info available soon in Phone sub-forum
    EQ has been updated with common frequencies
    Improved mixer and soundcard control
    Added control to use the mixer with multiple soundcards to control multiple zones from one mixer
    Click Level button in Mixer to list and select sound cards to control
    Volume Control improved for XP and full support for Vista
    Gestures (customizable)
    iPod integration (iTunes NOT required)
    HD Radio Support (using MJS adapter)
    Touch-anywhere to scroll in Web browser
    Double-tap for full screen in Web browser
    Push-to-talk voice recognition
    License key de-activation
    New Settings modes, Basic/Advanced
    Media import when inserting USB stick
    Direct buttons to Music, Videos, and Pictures on Main Screen
    Touch the current playing track to return to Media Player
    Remembers Play/Pause state of media player when exiting
    Basic event logging to help track down specific user issues - defaults to Off
    Smooth Main Title Scrolling - defaults to Off (CPU intensive)
    Enhanced Graphics mode - defaults to Off (slightly CPU intensive)
    Select input soundcard for voice control
    Open email attachments with external applications


    CD and USB playlist counts are off after system resume
    Remembers song list position when scrolling list when song changes
    DVD and/or USB audio stick starts when resuming from standby/hibernation
    Satellite Radio does not resume after hibernation
    Main Title does not update when listening to SatRadio
    Buffer play/pause out of sync with play/pause button
    "MP3" sub-title not displaying
    Playlist last played song not reloading
    SSL sites work in Centrafuse browser
    COM ports not showing up in settings
    Web Browser Loading displays when browser is not visible
    Audio doesn't resume after deleting mail
    Gestures should be adjusted or disabled in the mixer
    Text emails are not displayed properly

    *** DOWNLOAD 2.0 RC4 HERE ***

    David and the Flux team!
    01 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4 Installed
    M10000/512Mb/20GB, Lilliput 7", Holux GM-210