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CF wont play dvd

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  • CF wont play dvd

    Hey guys. I'm using version 1.20 on Windows xp and I cant get Centrafuse to play DVD's or eject the DVD drive. I can open them in Media Player and they work. DVD drive is plugged in with IDE cable. I have tried with USB with no luck either.

    --Problem solved! Turns out I was missing mscat32.dll

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    nice find... so, when it didn't work, did dvd just plain not play, or did it play and the playback was bad? Curious...


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      Nothing at all happened, I put the dvd in the drive and nothing would come up so I clicked the DVD button and the blank black screen came up and nothing happened. But strangely it would play on windows media player outside off CF with the .dll file


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        sorry for the ignorance but is this file a CF file or a windows file? Could you provide the directory its listed under and where you go to D/L a new one.

        A lot of people have had problems with the DVD not playing within CF but works OK outside, so it may be that this file is not getting installed on some systems (providing it is actually installed with CF).

        Looking forward to your reply



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          thats not a cf file for sure...


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            My friend has the same problem. We're going to try the proposed solution tonight and see how it goes. His just goes to a blank black screen and then after about a minute of that it returns to the home screen and continues playing the music it was playing before dvd was selected. We'll be trying this later as well as trying to find out why the sound is very choppy on the navigation and the map position lags a few yards behind and sometimes shows up on the wrong road if there are too close together. And also trying to fix the video player which locks the software in a loop as it thinks the car is always moving even if it is stationary. The warning keeps popping up and cannot be closed for more than about half a second or less before another pops up. It means the software gets stuck on the video screen.
            I was thinking about buying version 2.0 but my friends version 1.20 has clouded my opinions on the software. We've found that there are bugs in most aspects of the software. It's very off-putting.