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Any word on the license for Bluesoleil

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  • Any word on the license for Bluesoleil

    I know you guys said the the licenses were close to distribution and I was wondering you have distributed them yet. This is the only thing keeping me from purchasing. Thanks for all your hard work.

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    They are ready to be distributed and we will have them out soon, the target always was to have them out by the final 2.0 release... still, hopefully sooner...


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      can you please post something when you guys are going to distribute them. I need the license because I need my mobile internet through my phone. It connect via bluetooth and I can not have bluesoleil and the driver for the dongle installed at the same time. So I am without internet in my car!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding.


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        Well, after a short break from using my car pc, I decided to give centrafuse another try. I keep getting the invalid license key for bluetooth and can not use my gps or phone, so in essence, before I go spend $250.00, it NEEDs to be addressed and working before I do so.
        Without the bluetooth, it es essentially useless to me.



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          They are available now. Go to your CF account page