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Making centrafuse start when windows starts

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  • Making centrafuse start when windows starts

    just recently bought centrafuse XLE and i didnt select to run as system shell when i first installed it so i could work on the system...but now that its done i want it to run when windows starts up but cant find the setting for it now that it is installed.

    Edit have version 2.0 RC6

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    i'm not aware of the setting on centrafuse, but theres alternative, which is creating a shortcut to centrafuse and place it into the startup folder (drag/drop)


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      All that does is change a setting in your registry.

      In fact I believe there's a post (possibly sticky) on this forum about it.

      From (first google result):
      Changing the default shell (all users):

      1) open regedit (start menu > run, and type in regedit)
      2) go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.
      3) Change Shell from explorer.exe to the new shell path e.g C:\Litestep\litestep.exe
      4) log out and log back in.

      Changing the default shell (only current user):

      1) open regedit (start menu > run, and type in regedit).
      2) go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.
      3) add a new string value (Edit > New > String Value) called shell. and set the value to the path of the new shell e.g C:\Litestep\litestep.exe.
      4) log out and log back in.
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        you can turn cf on as shell in the general settings, you have to enable advanced settings to get this option to appear... (hold down '+' button in settings for 6 seconds until popup appears)


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          thanks just what i was looking for


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            If you don't want it to run as a shell you could use the new Centrafuse Loader.
            See here:


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              Sorry to bring up and old thread.

              I have centrafuse running as the system shell. I forgot to activate windows, and when I did, Centrafuse is telling me that my trial is expired, even though I downloaded my activation file the other day. Now I am locked out of windows.

              How can I run the windows shell now? I hit control alt delete, start a task...but I am not sure what I need to select to bring windows desktop up.