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HTC TOUCH and Centrafuse 2.0 ??

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  • HTC TOUCH and Centrafuse 2.0 ??

    Hello i have a problem with my HTC Touch in Centrafuse 2.0. Sorry for my bad english but when i successfully connected to my HTC and make a testcall the sound is very bad. Have anybody here connected HTC Touch successfully?

    My Bluetooth Stick is a BToes 2.0 EDR by MSI.

    thank you

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    I've used my Verizon XV6900 (the CDMA version of the HTC Touch) and connected okay using the previous BT stack during the trial version. The person on the other end of the call said the call quality was fine.


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      Please include a system report with logging enabled so that we can take a deeper look.

      I have the MSI BToes dongle as well and have noticed an EXTREME difference based on distance to the dongle from the phone.

      If you get closer to the dongle with your phone, does it sound better?
      Jan Bennett
      Centrafuse Support


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