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  • 2.0 Trial on Desktop

    I am wondering if anyone else is having/has had serious problems with the centrafuse trial running on their desktop. For me everything was running beautifuly at first. But after a short time, lots of problems started arising. Take for example the screen freezing after a few seconds after loading centrafuse. Bluetooth worked the first time I tried it, now it wont connect. DVD has no audio. Just problem after problem. I know that Centrafuse was not developed for the desktop computing world, but I like to test things out before I buy and where else am I supposed to create my skins? I am afraid to purchase this software and put it in my car if these issues are going to transfer to the carPC. Has anyone experianced any of these types of serious issues on their desktop but had everything work a ok on their carPC?

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    Just re-installed the CF trial and the problems persist.
    No Audio in DVD Playback
    Phone settings now say (bluetooth not initalized when the bluesoil app is running in tray and not greyed out)

    But it stopped freezing, lol


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      Fixed the bluetooth and am assuming that the DVD audio issues are because of CODEC issues (arnt they fun). Apparently you absolutely need the correct version of bluesoleil, I had a somehow newer version installed and this screwed up Centrafuse.


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        what version of bluesoleil did you need? I've been having issues with this myself


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          For me I was using BlueSoleil, however when I switched to BlueSoleil (the version that comes with Centrafuse_2.0.806.exe (trial)). I am not sure what the current version is, but is the one that comes with Centrafuse 2 and that seems to work for me. Though it has crashed once today.


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            the ONLY version of BlueSoleil that should ever be used are the ones that come with the Centrafuse installer...

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              The BlueSoleil that is included with Centrafuse is a custom build. As David stated above, you should not install any other version of BlueSoleil. Also, you should remove ALL other Bluetooth Stacks, including Windows.

              BlueSoleil should be the ONLY stack installed and in use.
              Jan Bennett
              Centrafuse Support