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Just dled trial and it doesn't work.

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  • Just dled trial and it doesn't work.

    I dled the trial. I installed it no problem, I skipped the microsoft speech and bluetooth.
    Now when I double click the desktop icon it reboots my pc instantly. I thought it was a glitch so I tried it again and same thing happened.
    What is going on?

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    What is your PC configuration???

    I noticed you have had problems with RR also...

    What motherboard, memory size, processor, power supply, Hard Drive, Sound Card, and Operating System are you using?

    It is starting to sound like a PC malfunction.


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      download a copy of Memtest86 and Prime95
      and see what if any errors you come back with.


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        I got it working. I had to delete some mca???.dll file in the system32 directory.
        Pretty nice program. Is there a way on this to configure each button and change the names and icons?
        I want to add my tuning program, a calculator and emulator and stuff like that.


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          go into settings, and enter advanced settings by holding down the "+" sign in the top right for 6 seconds, then you have Button Layout, which will let you assign each button, move them around, etc...

          you can also hold each button for a few seconds and then get a list to change it's action, or set it to None...

          make sure hold auto right click is disabled, this can cause issues with holding buttons down...

          you can add programs by going into settings and hitting "+" to add external application...

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            How do you disable right click? I saw that option when installing but not after that.


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              Originally posted by MAZDABOY View Post
              How do you disable right click? I saw that option when installing but not after that.
              Different for every touchscreen driver and is not a CF issue.

              For TouchKit drivers go in the control area and the option is right there. It is a checkbox.
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                I am doing this on my desktop to try it all out first. I didn't install any touchscreen software.


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                  In that case, right-click is not an issue for you.

                  It allows touchscreens to be right-clicked by holding the click down for longer.