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    Bluesoleil's DUN does not work on my phone (WinMo 5, Treo 700WX). Oddly, the actual phone dialing functionality does work through Bluesoleil. Regular Windows and Dell Bluetooth DUN software both work though. When I set CF to "Auto Dial," I believe it is looking for Bluesoleil. But since that doesn't work, is there a way in CF to set the auto-dial to work with Windows' or Dell's native software? If I open MS Internet Explorer manually, it automatically dials my DUN, and then CF's internet works. But I want to be able to automatically dial through CF.

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    Centrafuse should be using the DUN from Windows... You should be able to try and setup a Windows DUN, which behind the scenes is still using Bluesoleil if that is your Bluetooth stack, then set this same named profile in Centrafuse, username, password, and it should work...

    if it is giving errors you can post a system report on the flux forums and we can look into it...

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