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Which Bluetooth dongle to use with my smartphone, and how to get it working?

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  • Which Bluetooth dongle to use with my smartphone, and how to get it working?

    I just installed CF2.0, but I did not install Bluesoleil during installation. I would like to start experimenting on pairing up my HTC S640 Smartphone with CF. I was just wondering if you guys could help clarify some things.

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with the cheap bluetooth dongles they sell on dealextreme:
    Can I just pick one that uses the Bluesoleil stack (instead of widcomm)?

    Also, do I have to reinstall CF to get bluetooth working? Or can I just install the Bluesoleil drivers from the CD, then have CF automatically recognize that Bluesoleil is installed and let me configure the phone settings?

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    If you start the CF installation, it'll ask if you want to install MS Voice; say "Yes" or "No" to that. It'll ask if you want to install Bluetooth; say "Yes". Then it'll start to install CF; cancel out of the installer at that point.
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      if he comes with the BlueSoleil stack good chance it will work... any CSR based chip works best, but remember the cheaper dongles, sometimes you get what you pay for and their is lag in the phone call...

      dongles that are directly sold by IVT and directly supported by IVT are recommended...

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