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menu items missing after install CF 2.0

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  • menu items missing after install CF 2.0

    I just installed CF 2.0 and i have a slight problem.

    After installing when you open up CF for the first time it takes you thru a setup process were you can add music and setup various features. After completing the setup normally if you want to change a few options you can just go into setting and make the necessary changes... but not with CF 2.0!

    for example the option where you can "use pre as master" this was available during setup but doesnot appear in the setting menu after installation.

    Is this a restriction with the trial, a bug or am i doing something wrong?

    i have attached some pictures, can anyone tell me if they are having the same problem
    "use pre as master" visible during setup but not in settings menu once CF installed

    "Port, baud rate" etc buttons visible during setup but not in settings menu once CF installed. Meaning unless you setup your GPS during setup you cant have GPS until you remove and reinstall CF so you can setup your GPS device.

    even the buttons to add music and other directories

    Just a thought..... Does anyone know how to make centrafuse go thru the initial setup process without reinstalling it. Is there a settings file or something that can be deleted or changed to make CF think it has never been run before?

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    When you go into Settings, hold down the '+' key until a message appears.

    Search for "Advanced Settings" for the full story.


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      OMG do i feel like an idiot... haha i have installed and uninstalled CF more than once... well more than twice this weekend HAHAHA thankyou SO much, awsome


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        Holding down the "+" key doesnt work for me :S Nothing happens. Do you mean the + by the numlock or the + by the other numbers?


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          ROFL... When you go into Settings press and hold down the + symbol on the screen not the keyboard


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            HA Thats why it didn't work :P