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    Hello all. I am having an issue with the DVD portion of Centrafuse. I am using the 2.0 Final running in Vista on a MacMini

    I can see the dvd just fine within centrafuse but there is no audio playing back with the dvd.

    When using WMP or WINDVD everything works fine. I have tried several codec packs and none have remedied the issue.

    Any Ideas? Thanks

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    this has been fixed in the next update coming soon... the DVD audio was not working with some setups, we rewrote most all the DVD code to fix the issue...

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      I have CF3 and im actually having this exact issue. everything outside of CF works great, but if i try to play the dvd in CF...NO AUDIO. Please help!


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        I have not had any problems playing videos until yesterday where all of a sudden no audio either this is very strange....
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          I have the opposite trouble..I have no video with audio when playing in centrafuse. I used a windows 7 media codec changer to change the default windows codecs to get this result...

          previously Centrafuse 3.1 would freeze up when I tried to play a dvd.


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            I have the same issue with getting audio but no video. Has there been a fix for this as yet?