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Full album art with AAC (M4A) format in CF 2.0

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  • Full album art with AAC (M4A) format in CF 2.0

    I have noticed alot of threads with people complaining about AAC (M4A) support and complaints about album art. I just recently did a full carputer upgrade and hence reinstalled windows and installed the latest version of CF 2.0 and here is my story.

    After installing windows and CF first step to get my AAC (M4A) files playing in CF was to install the bass_aac.dll file. That worked fine, downloaded the file from this thread:

    I imported my music into CF from my iTunes version 8 folder and I noticed something weird, no album art, I use iTunes on my MAC where they are all tagged perfectly and have album art.

    So after reading a few threads i downloaded and tried media monkey as apparently that will embed album art into the music files. This still didn't fully help. Plus media monkey screwed up all my compilation albums and they showed in CF as unknown artists.

    I decided at this point to do full windows updates with the latest service pack blah blah not sure if this helped at all, for some strange reason i think it may have but not sure.

    At this stage i was back to using my music files as iTunes 8 had labeled them, when selecting an album to play in CF "music" screen and scrolling thru album lists no albums showed artwork, but when playing the files in the "playlist" screen each track appeared to have album art displaying... weird!

    So after some research I next downloaded an apple script (for mac users only sorry PC fans) basically what it did which you can mimic some how on PC is for every album I had it save a jpg file which I called "folder.jpg" and placed it in the same directory as the applicable album (I have iTunes organise my file library) WOO HOO this fixed my problem! So now when I go into the "music" screen and view a list of my albums it displays the album art courtesy of the folder.jpg and when viewing album art for each individual track in the "playlist" screen it somehow reads the album art i assume from the music file's tag itself as saved by iTunes or possibly from the folder.jpg file.

    So there is my story... I read so many tips on what other people had to say and not one single instruction helped me in full, but several little tips and bits from each of them managed to get it all working perfectly.

    If anyone that's having problems playing AAC or commonly known as M4A files with full album art can gain anything from this threat then they might save them self the weekend it took me

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    That sounds good but I have not been able to find anything similar for windows users!


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      Ohh perhaps I didn't make myself very clear my everyday use personal computer is a Mac. My Carputer is a PC running Windows XP and iTines for Windows.


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        this was a bug in showing the album art in My Library, it has been fixed and will be in 2.1

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