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Dest embedded keyboard sux!

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  • Dest embedded keyboard sux!

    Ok, first of all english is not my native language but i will try to explain my problem.

    I have a PNA (Stand-alone automotive GPS) and run Destinator 7 on it, Ok fine everything works fawless.

    Now im buildin my carPC and download the Centrafuse Trial nav. First step was try to use the Dest intregrated with

    Ok, nice skin, everything is fine, put the maps from my Country (Brazil) and loaded.

    Time to travel, on Dest7(pc(out of CentraFuse) version or pna/pda version)
    stand-alone version when i type

    like "Motta" on Digital keyboard, he locates the Road witch contains Motta on name (in my case Des Motta)

    but on DEst7 (CentraFuse version, on Centrafuse)

    When i type Motta nothing happens, i need to type all name of the Street.

    Other example if the name of the street is "MARIA JOAQUINA" and i type "Joaquina" on DEST7 PDA/PNA/PC version he found MARIA JOAQUINA

    When i type "Joaquina" on Centrafuse nav it doesnt found the street "MARIA JOAQUINA".

    Is it normal ? there is no way to fix it to work as Dest 7 stand-alone version ?

    Thanks for the help and sorry about mistakes on English.