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Centrafuge and Megasquirt implementation

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  • Centrafuge and Megasquirt implementation

    hey people,

    I'm half way thru the installation of a car pc in my 88 ford mavrick. Love the idea of having a pc to run all the media, audio and gps stuff for my car.

    I'm looking at getting rid of the very un politcially correct carby and installing a megasquirt 1 with throttle body efi to the car.

    I'm just asking whether anybody on here may have worked out how to implement the data coming from megasquirt into centrefuge.

    Will i be able to hook it up to the obdII set up on centrafuge, to give me manifold, coolant and egt values.

    Or can i make a button that will link to the megatune program and allow me to just bring up the info when i want it.

    Or will i have to reduce centrafuge and head back into windows and then open up the megatune info.

    Any input would be great, so would love ot hear from you if you have any ideas.

    Thanks and talk to you all soon.


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    I too would also like to know the answer to this. I have done searching, but havent come up with any information!



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      hey Kov

      been looking into it a bit more,

      You can open a program whilst it is running thru centrefuse. You do this by adding the application in teh settings.

      It means that megastune must be running in the background.

      I'm starting to play around with the code to see if the odbII program can read the infomation coming from the unit.

      but will let you know how i go, it wont be for a while tho.



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        Any luck on this issue?? Having similar plans...