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voice command without having to push button

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  • voice command without having to push button

    Is there any way that I can command cf by just saying "computer" or something else to get its attention. I looked around in the options but couldn't find anything. Do I have to push a button every time I want to issue a command?

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    The problem with that is, what if your playing music, and it drowns out the mic? Even Ford's new Sync setup requires you to push a button...steering wheel mounted at least.
    I'm using carbuttons USB device to trigger my voice command using the existing built in wheel mounted buttons...


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      Yeah, I had thought of that but having a totally hands free system is just too cool an idea for me not to ask!

      I have been considering options for an easy to reach button. Sadly, mounting anything on the steering wheel doesn't seem like an option due to the way the older Jeep steering wheels are shaped.


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        We likely won't see THAT kind of voice activation until after they develop warp drive


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          Several years ago I used a product called Bruno Speech Recognition, written by FunkDaMonkMan. He's abandoned it but it has a forum here.

          He was on at the end of December. Maybe you can PM him and ask for it?

          It worked pretty well, but I had a cheap microphone. When the window was open, it didn't work at all. Otherwise, on a VIA M10000 I managed it.
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