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Resume playing song/video at startup

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  • Resume playing song/video at startup

    Is there any posibillity to get Centrafuse to resume playing a song (or video) from where it was when shutting Centrafuse down? It would be great when listening on those audiobooks or podcasts and not having to skip forward manually every time i start centrafuse.

    I have some developing skills and if no such option is available in centrafuse or an existing plugin, is it possible to write such an plugin?

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    I remember that Cf used to resume from previous play point after the computer had been restarted.

    If you make 2 playlists active, lets say playlist A and playlist B. If you are half way through a song in playlist A; switch to playlist B prior to shutdown. Upon starting your PC again, switch back to playlist A and the song will play from where you had it last time.

    Bit of a muck around, but it is the only fix I have found so far.