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  • Help wanted please

    Hi hope you can help.

    I am at present building a project car, a Lotus Esprit with a Ford V8 4.6 which is supercharged.

    So here goes...What I would like to do is have a in car pc that could have two seperate displays, one for using centrafuse ( mounted where the radio used to be ) and one to use as a dashboard ( to replace the original mechanical gauges ).

    Next, on the engine management side I would like to use an adaptronic ecu, which unfortunatly does not have any EOBD compliance so I was thinking of using a fusion brain to collect data and display on the dashboard.

    So can one PC do the two different jobs and display different things on the two displays ???

    Or does anyone know another way of collecting and displaying the data from the ecu to display it...????

    Any help would be appricated