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Have some centrafuse questions

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  • Have some centrafuse questions

    Looking to redo my carputer since my power supply got shot. Going with 512mb ram, via epia-m10000 motherboard and cpu (1ghz I think) and dsx12vd with picopsu power supply. Also going to use a CF instead of my harddrive. I had it all working previously (with a hard drive no CF) and it was slow. So now I would like to try and speed it up.
    Can and will centrafuse work with windows 98 (assuming it's faster than xp) which I think it can be.
    And will it work with linux. Keep in mind I know nothing about linux except that there are 10000 different flavors of linux so someone tell me which version it would work best on if at all.

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    I believe CF requires .NET, which is probably not compatible with Win98. Nevermind that you might have issues finding drivers for various things.