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Media and HD Radio have seperate volumes?

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  • Media and HD Radio have seperate volumes?

    I will listen to my mp3s and when I switch to radio it has its own volume and vise-versa. When I increase or decrease one media, it is completely independant of the other. Is there anyway to make a single volume control both the radio and my mp3s? I keep playing around with all the inputs/play back settings in advanced menu but can't seem to fix the problem. Please advise.

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    in my system, the slider for the input the HD Radio is on controls that source relative to the main. So I set that to a level that makes the HD Radio about as loud as the MP3s, then use the master volume buttons to control the volume of everything in general use.


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      It's not that the level between the two is always "two" levels apart, but what i'm saying is that if i decrease the hd radio by 5 volume down key presses with centrafuse, and go back to my playlist, that volume will be 5 higher, so then i'll have to lower that too.. Almost like the centrafuse volume isnt adjusting master, but wave or mic/line in independendently depending on what source is selected. I was able to use volume up on my keyboard and that works, but i want to use centrafuse volume arrows for master. Any idea on how to get this to work?


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        Have you looked through the FAQs over at the fluxmedia forum? Sounds like you might have a conflict in some of the input/output settings for the various sources, they are not intuitive (for example, you set the output to whatever the input is, not main) so if you haven't checked those out that is probably the first step.


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          Thank you for answering my posts and leading me towards the right direction. I didn't think to check those forums, but after some searching found a couple answers. I didn't realize playback and recording lines were both the inputs depending on unbuffer/buffered audio. I made the mistake of trying to use master and I think that might have messed something up. I'll go back through and reinstall centrafuse and pick the right inputs. if it doesnt work, i'll try a soundcard other than the onboard one. Thanks so much!


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            Shouldn't have to reinstall, all the settings are available once you enable "advanced settings". And yeah, it is not clear on how to do, I still can't use buffered audio but have had bigger problems to worry about.


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              Ok, well it still doesn't control both volumes. What it looks like it is doing it 'saving' the level when i change sources and then when i go back to that source it returns to the same loudness. I also tried a Sound Blaster 5.1 USB sound card, and it does the same thing with the volume.

              Another question too... I try to use my onboard SPDIF optical output, but its a fixed level. Master will not control it. Is there any way to make the volume control the WAVE instead of main, rear, front etc. Those are the only ones showing up in the settings right now. I u go into mixer, the WAVE slider will raise and lower my volume going to the optical. I was able to use the sound blaster usb optical out and control volume with it's main, but it freezes on resume from standby as mentioned above. I think my other option might be to use a PCI sound card and try that or if there is some software command I can edit to make wave the master volume for the oboard audio?

              Hope that makes sense.


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                Originally posted by 1996C1500 View Post
                Another question too... I try to use my onboard SPDIF optical output, but its a fixed level. Master will not control it. Is there any way to make the volume control the WAVE instead of main, rear, front etc..
                Yes, enable pre-master (or pre-volume? It's 'pre' something! You'll see it...) option. This will use your wave as the master volume control...your master volume basically becomes your 'preamp' level now...

                About your radio settings...enable buffering, and for the option for sound out on the radio, leave it at 'none'. This should fix it...


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                  Thanks, enabling pre as master allows me to use volume control arrows and still use my optical out.

                  Also, i did enable buffering and selected the proper input and now also have HD radio.

                  Still seems to save the last volume level each time i change sources, but I can deal with that for now. I really wish is adjusted them together so I didnt blow my ears after listening to radio in the highway at full volume and then change to my stored mp3s and lower it when I get home, then forget about it when I'm in my driveway leaving for work the next morning....

                  Thanks for all the help!


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                    Output...HDRadio output!! Select none as the output device...leave the input as is...
                    'None' for output and enable buffering...