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Take advantage of sale or wait for V3?

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  • Take advantage of sale or wait for V3?

    Like the title says, do I jump on the final few days of the Centrafuse sale or wait for version 3?

    I would be getting the navigation version for North America. My concern is mainly about how current the maps are.


    What will the upgrade pricing be like to go from 2 to 3?

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    I think they are planning on changing the GPS engine in V3...
    Newer map data is always available somewhere. It might even be cheaper to jump on the sale now (V2), then pay for a V3 upgrade when it comes out...


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      Depends on if you want the carpc now or if you can wait. I couldn't wait so I bought v2 and plan on upgrading.

      You could also play around with another frontend until v3 comes out.


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        They said a beta of v3 is coming this summer, so doubtful the final release will be in the next few months. I don't think anyone knows what upgrade pricing will be. Hopefully they do improve the GPS.


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          i hope they do improve the gps . lol

          i purchased cf2 yesterday, i was thinking along the lines with wungun, is probably cheaper to buy now @ half price and take advantage of the upgrade price.

          im hoping its not more than $50 .

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            I actually had the same issue but my issue is do I reinstall my system with CF 2.1 and then upgrade just the software to 3.0 later, or do I wait for the upgraded hardware/OS support and then just do a nice system then.
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