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xm pcr/centrafuse volume problem

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  • xm pcr/centrafuse volume problem

    OK so i recently installed an xm pcr on a computer running centrafuse. now all is well with receiving signal and audio quality... its volume control that's ruining my life. i can control mp3 volume with the arrows on the bottom left but not xm. i had to add sndvol32.exe to the main menu so i can change the line volume. i have changed everything from windows sound settings to centrafuse sound settings and nothing will allow me to control either line and master together or use master for both.
    the weird thing is since mp3 and xm both use the same output , one would think that master volume for output would control every thing. sadly it controls every thing except xm. i am burned out on this issue. what am i doing wrong.

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    i guess what i am looking for is a program to "chain the master volume to the line volume.
    any help is much appreciated.


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      well i want to thank you all for the responses...
      i found that if i max the wave and line volume and changed the "use pre as master" setting in cf.