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  • GPS issues

    Good Afternoon
    After months of research and weeks of install, I finally have a "working" system. I can't seem to get centrafuse to read my gps receiver(BU353) on a consistent basis. I have briefly tried the xport method, but I think I need a bit of clarification. The receiver is on COM Port 3, which should be a low enough # for centrafuse to read. I've loaded Xport onto the pc and no matter what Com port I select on the right hand side, it says that port is taken. I'm not too sure how to get xport to work properly with this setup.
    I assume I only need to have the receiver "disconnected" and "reconnected" on each startup for centrafuse to re-read the device. GPS info locks on almost immediately, and has a great signal...

    However, when I do get the gps to work with centrafuse the built in voice is...SCARY. lol. It seriously sounds like some demented old man has hacked into my computer.
    Has anyone heard of this before? If so, what would be the fix? My first option I assume is to upload a new voice profile for the voice prompts.
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    My GPS drops off everytime I turn the reciever off....
    If i Keep it on it works everytime, short of pugging it into the battery does anyone have any ideas?


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      I tried for ages with that xport, dont rate it. I Frhave the BU-353 reciever, downloaded the latest driver, and now use Franson GPS Gate, no probs at all. You can DL a trial version. Also when you get it going with the settings you need you can run as a service and not even see the prog!

      I use this setup without error on this reciever with Centrafuse.

      Hope this helps, good luck!


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        +1 for GPSGate. It's well worth the price.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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