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General Centrafuse / Nav vs Standard Question

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  • General Centrafuse / Nav vs Standard Question

    I have been using iGuidance for a few years now with great success on a Ram Mounted tablet PC. I am not in the process of installing a real CarPC and figured with the smaller 7" screen it's time to get a real front end. After trying out several different ones I decided on Centrafuse.

    Now, my dilemma. I was all ready to buy Centrafuse Nav (US) version when it was on same for $99. It seemed like a fair price and even if I did not use their maps, it would probably make sense to have them in case I ran into issues embedding iGuidance. So I went to purchase Centrafuse this evening and see that it is now $120. I know it's only $20, and I am not really a cheap person, but now I am wondering if it's worth buying the nav version when I will most likely just use iGuidance.

    So, I ask the experts, if I cheap out and just buy the standard, will I regret it? Will I still be able to embed iGuidance and have it work with little issue? Will I run into issues using gps enabled plug-ins with the standard version?

    I guess I should have just pulled the trigger a couple days ago, then this would be an issue for me.


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    Cheap out, I did as I know full well I have 0 interest in using Destinator. Plus you get the free upgrade to CF3 when it gets released.
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      I have been using iGuidance embedded for over a year now with no problems, so I don't think you'll have any major issues. Personally I don't think CF navigation is worth the extra premium.