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No Voice prompts Centrafuse 2.1.x

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  • No Voice prompts Centrafuse 2.1.x

    I am having the most peculiar issue, and not getting much help from centrafuse support. I set centrafuse to use ATT for voice prompts, and I've played around with the "set voice level" numbers and I have the toggle set to on.

    But anyway, when I'm approaching a turn, the music will fade, and then there is no voice prompt, and then the music turns back up. If i don't set it to use ATT, it just goes silent while the prompt is supposed to be playing, and then the music starts again.

    The wave volume is all the way up, and I can use Windows Media Player to play all of the Files that are present in the folder */Centrafuse/Voices/All

    I don't know if there is some script missing, if i'm missing some files to be played or what - but something is wicked messed. I have already reinstalled and reactivated once already.

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    That's not normal, there are no scripts to make it work, its just a setting, but it does depend on your sound card working normally. Try reinstalling your sound card drivers and checking your card settings for audio in CF2
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      ha... I feel like an idiot. I'm using the Realtek HD drivers and I had mistakenly plugged the audio jack into the blue port and had the driver set to 4 chanel. Moved it to the green port, and set the driver to 2 chanel and boom the voice is scremin at me b/c I left the voice volume at 100