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CF3 Audio gets LOUD on Phone/GPS

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  • CF3 Audio gets LOUD on Phone/GPS

    When I get an incoming call or IGuidance voice prompts, the music is supposed to quiet down, but instead it gets super loud. I'm running Centrafuse 3 on an Intel board using the built in audio. This seems to be either a software issue or driver issue. I can't find anyone else with the same problem. Any clues?

    I had this problem with Centrafuse 2 as well, but on a completely different computer with all different hardware.

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    You know the volume control in iGuidance? Well, its the same as your master volume in Windows...If your iG volume is set at 75%, when it speaks, your volume is going to be at 75%...
    What iG plugin are you using??


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      I should have been clearer.

      The problem I was having with iGuidance was when I was running CF2, now I'm on CF3 and having the problem with the bluetooth phone control (I figured they were related since the same thing happens), so I'll just go on about the phone for now since I don't have iGuidance installed yet.

      When a call comes in and the ringing sound starts, the MUSIC gets really loud so that I can barely hear the ringing. So loud that it hurts my ears, like the system is at full volume. Once the ringing stops then the music volume returns to normal. The same behavior happened with iGuidance and on CF2 so I can't figure out what the common factor is. I'm even using different hardware.


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        Best to ask the CF support team on the CF forums...?