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Embeded Program Hibernation Issue

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  • Embeded Program Hibernation Issue

    Hi there..

    Im running an MP3 Forum Member program called "MiniCam" it can be found here.. Its a touchscreen friendly Webcam capture program.

    I've successfully embedded this into CF2 but I have an issue when hibernating.

    MiniCam normally, on its own automatically Stops/Starts recording when hibernating/resuming from hibernation. But when embedded in CF, it seems CF doesnt send the Hibernate/Resume signal to the embedded running MiniCam.

    When MiniCam is running in CF and I hibernate, it leaves the Minicam program hanging in Record mode. Upon resuming it is still recording but eventually has a Critical error and crashes.

    What I'm wondering is... does anyone know a way to have CF send the Hibernate/Resume command to its embedded applications? Or is there an additional Parameter I can use in the "Add Applications" option in CF to solve this issue? Maybe have CF automatically close/restart the program on Hibernate/resume??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!