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Some questions about general operation

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  • Some questions about general operation

    Hi, I purchased Centrafuse with North American maps a few days ago. My pc installation is in version 1.0 having just been installed in the last few days but my fiance needed my car for a trip to Nebraska from Pennsylvania (mine is the more reliable vehicle). I only got a brief amount of time to play with things and learn how everything works. Her and her sister have been gone an hour and I've already gotten things I cant answer, and Centrafuse 3.x doesn't appear to have a user manual (other than a jumble of faq info) which I find rather disappointing.

    The burning question of the moment is how to display the turns which centrafuse has decided you will be taking. aka turn left in 500yrds turn right in 1000yrds etc. I thought it was just by clicking on the bar at the top, but I don't have it in front of me so I can only operate through my vague memory and my very intelligent but not in-depth computer minded fiance.

    On the less important side-

    I managed to configure centrafuse to read aac files, so I loaded all her itunes music into the hard drive and they should be alright playing that. However, her sister brought along a newer ipod nano so I made a quick attempt at making it work via usb->ipod cable and came up empty handed. It registers that an ipod gets connected, but I cannot see any of the files on it. What do i need to load to make that work in the future? My fiance also has an iphone 3gs running os4.0 that I'd love to make play nice with the usb cable as well....

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    Thanks for the input. I had read something to that effect earlier, but it's been hard to figure out whats been done and what hasn't. Besides figuring out whether the info for something is for 2.0 or 3.0/3.1 and if it is still applicable! (if found outside of the faq's on centrafuse forum)