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Library issues and M4A issues

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  • Library issues and M4A issues

    I have a pretty immense music library, somewhere in the realm of 65,000 songs. About half of these are M4A files and the rest are WMA Lossless or MP3. Centrafuse will see and play any WMA or MP3 file fine, but it will not see my M4A files at all. I've installed the bass_aac file in the Centrafuse root directory in Program Files and restarted the PC then rebuilt my library, but it will still not see any music files. I can browse in the Music Folders area to an artist and album, but there is nothing in the album.

    Secondly, and possibly more frustratingly, I cannot browse by Artist, Album, Song, or Genre. All of the music is simply within its respective Music Folder directory. This is very frustrating because all of my media is immaculately metatagged and Windows Media Player sees all of my music just fine, can play all of it, and all of it is sorted by album/artist without issue.

    Does anyone have any insight? Centrafuse looks leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in terms of its feature-set, but if I can't get it to manage my media properly, everything else is pretty much superfluous.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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    Disregard the library issue. After running the software for a few hours everything appears to be indexed and categorized properly. Centrafuse probably just needed time to sort through everything.

    I still can't see certain media files, perhaps they are protected files? I'll have to check and see...