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  • Centrafuse & HTC windows mobile

    I have tried searching both here & Centrafuse's own forum but I am struggle for answers.

    What's the easiest way of importing my contact list into Centrafuse's phone program? I have activated Bluesoile(sp), and it connects to my phone but I can;t import my contacts into it.

    I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.

    Cheers guys

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    Anyone at all?


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      Sync your mobile with MS outlook, so that all your contacts show up in the contact tab.

      Then, you can export them all as vcf files from out of outlook 2007 or lower (I think just by going to export, or the below method will work too).

      If Outlook 2010, they have changed it, because they want to be difficult.

      You have to select all the contacts you want to export (Or Control A to select them all), then up on the ribbon bar, click Forward Contact, then As a Business Card. This will dump them all into an email as attachments in vcf format, which you can THEN select all of them, and do a save as, out to a directory.

      Then you can copy those vcf files onto the car computer, and import them from there into Centrafuse.

      This all assumes you have outlook....if you dont I'm not sure, I think you can export the contacts out of outlook express or windows live as well, but I'm not too sure.

      On the plus side, it also means you have a backup of all your contacts


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        Many thanks for your reply mate. I have my contacts in a vCARD now (.vcf) but when I try to import them into Centrafuse, it doesn't appear on the import list? is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


        edit: if it helps I have managed to sync all the contacts with Blue Soleil, but no idea how to get them into Centrafuse from there!


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          Now THAT I'm not sure, when I selected import contacts from inside CF, it brought them all in okay, so it might be down to someone else to help solve that side of things.


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            Damn, thanks anyway mate. Has anyone else ever come across this?