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CF with my OBDSim

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  • CF with my OBDSim

    Is there anyone using centrafuse who might be able to try and see whether or not my OBDSim works with it?

    I have a couple people contacting me who have centrafuse and a non-elm327 OBDII cable; they want to use centrafuse with the cable, and found obdsim as a possible way to do it. I'm willing to implement the plugin necessary, but I'd like to know if obdsim actually works with centrafuse right now, before committing to implementing the other half.

    Is there anyone who could try it?

    You need com0com installed and set up [on vista/7, you may need to read com0com Readme], and the latest obdsim.

    obdsim defaults to using the port CNCA0 on windows, which is intended for com0com use. Then just run obdsim and point centrafuse at the twin of CNCA0. OBDSim has lots of options and some varying plugins built in, but the default one when you double click should be enough to "just see something work".

    Gary (-;
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