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CF 3.1 audio problem

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  • CF 3.1 audio problem

    When I play audio in CF, it will only output 2 channels. If I play sound in windows, I get 4 channels.

    I am using a zotac ion 630i motherboard, and through the motherboard's audio software I have it set so that the headphone jack (green) is FL/FR, and the line out jack (blue) is RL/RR. This works in windows.

    How do I get 4 channels in Centrafuse?


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    XP, Vista or Win7? From what I have read vista and 7 changed something with the audio portion of the OS. What is it, may be the audio engine or something (someone posted it on here or the centrafuse forums). Long story short 3.1 for me at least wont show the front or back speakers when I have my speakers setup in quadraphonic, 4.1, 5.1 6.1 mode. When I ran XP, Centrafuse could see how I had my speakers setup. Split your Left and right (Green jack) to a 4 channel amp. This is my current setup:
    Left/right (green) 3.5 jack to a 4 channel amp. Line out on 4 channel amp to Sub. Sub controlled with a aux bass knob.

    Hope this helps PM if you have any questions?


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      Windows 7 embedded. I have my headphone jack and line out running to a 4 channel amp and I want quadraphonic sound. So it's not possible? Ugh...


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        wait what....headphone jack and a line out? head phone jack like on the front of a computer and the line out like on the back of a computer (green 3.5mil jack) What your mother board? You can get quadraphonic sound by using the "Speaker fill" option on your sound card if it exists. Do you wanna be able to control the front and the back speakers individually? CF may not see your Speaker configuration. Thats why i just split my Left and right into 2 pairs of RCA jacks. one set for my "front" and one for the "back". Does your four channel have a line out?
        On a side note are you u using the Win 7 Embedded standard. How much did the program/SDK cost. I messed around with the XPe. Is it easier with windows 7. PM if you wanna talk about win7 emb.