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Bluetooth - Android (HTC Legend) phone connect problems

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  • Bluetooth - Android (HTC Legend) phone connect problems


    I am having some difficulties connecting my phone (HTC Legend Android 2.1) to CF 3.

    Anyone who have been able to successfully connect an android 2.1 phone to CF3, that maybe have some advice for me :-)

    My problem is that it appears that I have no connection even though I can see the connection in "Bluetooth Places" in Windows (bluesoleil).

    If I have an incomming call CF does not show it and if I try to make a call from CF it just tells me "unable to dial"

    Please any help is much appreciated.

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    Just tested my BT connection and if I connect the wifes Iphone 3GS it works for dialing and recieving calls in CF... mine however still fails to dial.

    Any suggestions?


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      i think it's an issue with bluesoleil and android phones. my htc hd2 with android 2.3 works only 1 time of hundred tries
      after restarting carpc several times and enabling bluetooth in android AFTER carpc startet, it works (sometimes)...