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Any developers working on the zt-2?

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  • Any developers working on the zt-2?

    Talking with Centrafuse and Zeitronix, it looks to not be that difficult for a developer to utilize the Zeitronix Zt-2 serial output for Centrafuse to then display the data (not only Air Fuel, but also MAP and EGT) along side the OBDII selections.

    Zeitronixs has gotten back to me and is more than happy to email the information necessary. Anyone feeling like making a plug-in to support the Zt-2?

    Palmer already has the PIDs for the Zt-2, and MPGtracker has been great towards supporting this too, but I would ultimately love having a front end that easily and tastefully integrates using OBDII and Zt-2 data, while also making using navigation and other features easy. This IMO would be the car-tuner/gear-heads dream setup, surpassing the Magden M1b setup.