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  • So slow, please help

    So I am trying to run CF 3.1 on my new computer. Atom 330 ION, 64 GB SSD, 2gb DDR3 1066.

    then interface in CF is extremely slow and laggy. My wife's netbook is an n270 single core atom and it runs it great.

    The rest of the system runs almost as fast as my gaming rig, but CF runs like butt. Is there anything else I need to install to make it run better? lower .net maybe?

    Please help me, my wife is sick of all the computer guts laying around and wants me to hurry up and install this thing.



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    make sure you have graphics drivers installed from your vendor. Microsoft's built-in drivers for nvidia will make anything run like butt.
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      I have the latest ION drivers from nvidia. I have the ASRock 330 ION board. Like I said everything else is running great as far as windows is concerned.


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        It is the damn drivers doing it. I used the xp vga default drivers and it ran like butter. tried newest ION drivers (260) and ones that came with the motherboard (195). Now i have to download every damn legacy driver.

        Anyone with an 330 ION board what drivers are you using