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CF 3.1 hangs resuming HDRadio after sleep/hibernate

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  • CF 3.1 hangs resuming HDRadio after sleep/hibernate

    [CF 3.1/win7 ultimate]

    I posted this over in the HDRadio forum. Basically when CF resumes after sleep or hiberate if it was playing HDRadio when the sleep/hibernate initiated it will hang indefinitely when it tries to start the HDRadio on resume. I can hear the click so I know that it is turning the unit on, the hang occurs after this. Changing Delay On Resume either in general settings or the Radio settings has no impact (20000 for example CF is fine for the 20 seconds then it turns on the HDRadio and hangs).

    Mitch suggested posting over here about the possiblity of a hidden usb audio reset setting? I searched here but couldn't find anything.


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    err.. i mean fluxmedia's CF forums!

    there is a reset audio option in config.xml


    it might be that option in 4th page in advanced audio/video

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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      Thanks I found it last night. That did the trick!