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*** New Product *** MJS Gadgets USB-IO-1

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  • *** New Product *** MJS Gadgets USB-IO-1

    got a new Product, available in days, right here from

    its a USB I/O interface

    Its not meant to compete with any existing one out there, just be simpler
    Its in the same size ENCLOSURE as my UAS4 (USB Audio Selector)
    (so approx 3" x 2" x 1")

    the manual is attached (a work in progress)

    • USB Powered and Controlled.
    • USB HID Device No drivers needed.
    • 4 Relays (1 amp) selectable Normally-Open or Normally-Closed
    • 4 Digital Inputs (5 30 volt opto-coupled).
    • Plug-able Terminal Blocks, (Phoenix style).
    • Developer .DLL available. (.NET Based) (for outside CF use)
    • Includes 6 USB A to Mini-B Cable.

    Centrafuse plugin features:
    • Any relay can be set as a POWER ANTENNA control
    • Any relay can be set as AMPLIFIER control
    • Inputs can trigger any CF.Action (see documentation) on ON or OFF states
    • User configuable labels for relays & inputs
    • Relay can be toggle or press and hold

    Some uses could be:
    • Controlled lighting
    • Power actuators
    • Speech activate button
    • Control power window module

    there are many others...

    the attached .zip file is documentation

    images, in this thread:
    Attached Files

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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