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Rear screens???

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  • Rear screens???

    Hello everyone!

    Im puttin CF in my car with all the trimmings.. I have rear screens feeding of a VGA to RCA adapter.. I enable rear screens in CF and it shows up.

    Now what i want it 2 do it play video on all the screens.. or just the rear (i can make it work on just the rear) but i also want 2 b able 2 browse with the front screen.. any way this can be done?


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    Im going through something similiar to this. Im running 5 screens total with one using dual USB and the other four being RCA. I havent decided on whoch VGA to RCA adapter to use so thats my question for you actually.

    But to answer your Q I can tell you I was planning on running VGA to RCA and then run that RCA into a video amplifier that will supply four RCA video screens. They are pretty common on ebay.


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      hey. im using a usb powered vga to rca from im also using a video car amp i got from local store for bout 50 bucks. it all works great. the amp i got can feed 3 screens.. so u would need a 4 outlet.. or 2 x 3 out lets and link them together.


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        THX. I just bought a vid sig amp and VGA to RCA off ebay as well as a few other goodies. I got a show coming up on July 16 and another on the 17 and really want to have all this done by then. Im crossing my fingers!

        THX for the feedback and reply.


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          I'd be very interested in any install pictures you have.
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            Originally posted by NoTec View Post
            I'd be very interested in any install pictures you have.
            Same here.
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