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3.5 is finally here

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  • 3.5 is finally here

    3.5 was released today. Head on over to to get your upgrade on.
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    thanks for the heads up kegobeer! cheers! SNO


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      Oh yeah and the youtube channel!
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        Originally posted by kegobeer View Post
        3.5 was released today. Head on over to to get your upgrade on.
        what has changed?
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          um. a lot. check out the youtube page for some features.
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            Anyone of you all had success in installing 3.5?


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              The installation experience has been varied (understatement), going very smoothly for some and struggling tooth and nail with others. As would be expected with the diverse hardware and software environments that abound with carPCs. There's a VERY strong effort on the part of the Centrafuse team and the user community to provide meaningful feedback, a LOT (I'm pretty surprised) of good videos and step-by-step descriptions of how to solve problems and get things done.

              I've been running CF3.5 since it was CF3.2 and it has been very reliable and performed very well. It's certainly not perfect, but it Is improved and improving.




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                Originally posted by itwanabe View Post
                Anyone of you all had success in installing 3.5?
                I did. No major issues at all - no issues installing crating databases, configuring basic things, resuming, etc.. Surprisingly the new market feature, a fantastic addition IMHO, worked flawlessly from day one. Very polished look and feel.

                It's not perfect for me - if you like RRMedia you know what I mean, if you don't care for that, I can't see whats not to like with CF.
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                  Install it ok on a vm W7 64bit, no issues installing although I havent figured out how to add in the apps via HDD/USB drive since the carpc hasnt got access to www

                  Cant wait for people to update the additional items like DAB+ radio, TPMS and Garmin Plugins and Spawns skin

                  Trevor has done a great job on the clean skin and looking forward to his aqua and other skins

                  Kudo's man!
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                    We don't have the online Market available yet for users to download and transfer the plugins to their CarPC's yet, but we expect any day now soon as some loose ends are tied up.
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