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Are These Features Available Or Will They Ever Be?

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  • Are These Features Available Or Will They Ever Be?


    I have come back from Road Runner to try the new 3.5 & have some questions on some features I am missing.....

    1, Is there a way of adding a delete song button (completely from the hard disk) using CF or any other available skin? Or is it possible through Media Studio (That I cannot find anywhere to download!!)

    2, Is there a way of showing the time-line of a song in minutes and seconds?

    3, Is it possible to display the lyrics of a song in any way (this took me many many hours to add lyrics to my tunes for my French wife & at the click of a button on Road Runner they were displayed on screen)

    Many Thanks In Advance!

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    There were plugins for 3.1 that were made to delete a certain song, and to display the song lyrics of a track. There is a good chance these may shortly be made for 3.5 shortly, but neither is included within the app.

    Showing the time line of a song. You can view by clicking the center header to reveal the drop down. It is in there. It is also available to customize yourself in the skin.xml
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