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[CF2] Strange Embedded Program Issue

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  • [CF2] Strange Embedded Program Issue

    I have something weird going on that for the life of me, I can't figure out.

    I had been running CF3.5 (ugh). I embedded CoPilot v8 in it, and it works perfect. I then downgraded to CF2.1 and embedded CoPilot there as well. The program runs perfect except for one thing:

    I paid for the LiveTraffic addon for CoPilot. In CF3.5, it works as expected. However, under CF2.1, it acts as if there's no internet connection available, so I get no LiveTraffic, LiveWeather, etc. But, if I drop to Windows, I can open up CoPilot (while CF2.1 is running), and have all the Live info. It's just when it's running *in* CF that it's not working.

    Any ideas?