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centrafuse and mkv chapters

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  • centrafuse and mkv chapters


    Ive posted this on centrafuse official forum for a week now and so far no answers. I did suggest it too on suggestion forums...

    Is there a way to make centrafuse skip between MKV chapters?
    Its been awhile since chapters have been introduced in MKV containers. Some video softwares allow us to skip between chapters like we do with DVD disks skipping between songs on a gig or movies and it would be nice to have this added to centrafuse.

    When I load a MKV file, there are two arrows for forwarding/backwarding, when I click them, the file starts to play over the beginning. It was supposed to play either next file or next chapter in the file. I am sure that my MKV has chapters because I ripped them myself.

    Has any1 accomplished what I am trying to say?