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  • Centrafuse System Temperature Reading...

    Ok so I have centrafuse 3.5 installed on 2 different laptops. I can click system and then system info and it tells me the temperature. On my netbook I saw the temp at 55 and another time it was around 60 celcius. My carpc uses a laptop and once I checked it said 62 and then later I checked it said 64 celcius. Today was a cold morning around 15 celcius. I boot up and check the temp it says 64? is this just reading correctly or does it refresh once a week? Any hints? or other software I should use instead to monitor the temp?

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    How long was your system running before you checked your temperature, and also what programs were running?

    If you had say, DVR, Centrafuse, GPS, and Radio programs/plugins then it is very possible that it was up to that temperate in under a minute especially if it is under a seat and the fans cannot move any air.


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      It's in the trunk, I have a few usb items and plugins and I am sure it reached that temp but I guess it takes a while for centrafuse to update the info today after a 30min drive it said 47 degrees. I think it just updates it very slowly.


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        Are you thinking that Centrafuse only updates that temp once ever so often and stores the data someplace? 'Cause that ain't how it works. The displayed temp is "read" when you click the system info button. Now I don't know which system sensor is actually providing the data (since Centrafuse is reading this from the bios/operating system), or how often that sensor updates, but Centrafuse doesn't store it anywhere for later use. It's completely dynamic.