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Looking for help with centrafuse and networking

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  • Looking for help with centrafuse and networking

    I'm getting ready to start a project in my 04 Nissan Armada and I've ran into a slight problem that I'm hoping can be resolved before the build.

    What I'm looking at doing is having one main computer for the front of the vehicle controlling ODB, nav, phone, music, video, etc all the normal stuff. And meanwhile have a second dropdown screen in back with a computer attached to it so that should a person choose they could watch something different from the main display, play a game on emulator, etc. Also looking at adding a couple of windows based tablets mounted in the vehicle allowing for independent video, net browsing, ebook reading, etc. What I wanted to do was have my main computer have the bulk of my media stored on its drive, but also have some form of NAS across an internal WLAN in the vehicle so I could watch a movie on a tablet that's separate from whats playing on the dropdown monitor if it was desired. This is mainly because tablets have very limited amounts of space on them so having them have their own media libraries on the drive isn't really practical, whereas a wireless drive with movies and music on it would be more so.

    However, my problem is that when I try to configure centrafuse to access a network drive it doesn't seem to want to work. It will only pick up the internal partitions and optical drives. I even tried mapping a network drive to My Computer in windows to see if I could trick it into seeing it as a local one. No luck. So I'm hoping someone can give me an idea or solution on how to resolve this issue as it's really the biggest one I'm looking at currently. Any help would be appreciated. I did try researching this at centrafuse's site and on here but didn't find anything that really seemed to fit what I was doing. Maybe I just wasn't using the right keywords or phrases. Again, any help would be appreciated.