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help me to understand whats wrong with my carputer

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  • help me to understand whats wrong with my carputer

    hi guys,
    im frank from italy (sorry 4 my english) and im close to complete my carpc project in my bmw ....thats my first project and i started with al the info that i found thanks for!!
    i dont want annoy with my i ll try to be shorter as possible...
    thats my hardware now (i know that isnt the faster one...but it sholud work fine with the centrafuse minimum requests):

    epia m10000g mobo with via c3 1ghz cpu
    1gb ram 266
    64 mb on board vga S3
    250 gb sata hdd (connected to ide channel by sata/ide adaptor)
    optiarc dvd rw drive

    i ve installed on it win xp sp2 (n- lited) with some usless services kills so i had just 80mb ram used at start up...

    under windows the carputer seem to work fine....faster enough ( more than i expected!) but with cntrafuse ( im using cf 2.0) is pretty much impossible use it...
    it runs very slow and im not able to do no more than 1 function at the same time ( gps and music or video) i thought was an hardware problem....but using the pc just with windows(CF closed) evrything works good...i can watch video,run carsoft,sync my gps at the same time with no problems...
    i tryied to upgrade CF to 3 ver...and 4.0 but it was impossible to use them (more than the previous).
    CF hardware request for the lastest one are 1ghz cpu and 256 mb whats wrong with mine??
    im so frustrated...i spent a lots of time finding pieces (carpcs is not really easy to find in italy)and installing evvrything in the car....and now i cant use it...
    i spent the last 2 weeks googling for some info but i didnt find nothing...i tried to find the error log file in the CF suggested directory but i didnt find it.
    so yu r my only chance to find whats wrong with it please help me.......

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    I dont know anything about CF, but when you have CF running is it possible to have the Task manager running? You may be running close to the Ram limits. While CF says it only needs 256mb, windows needs 256-512mb (depending on setup) itself. That is 3/4s of your 1gb. If you could report back with your CPU and RAM usage both with CF running and without it running it will be a big help
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      I've heard Centrafuse is VERY processor intensive. A 1ghz is going to struggle in general. Ride Runner is lighter weight with a simple skin. There are other simple front ends that may help.

      1gb would be minimum I would think.

      Also, n-liting can get you in trouble if you disable the wrong stuff.


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        It's been my experience that CF requires at minimum a 2ghz dual core to run smoothly, as well as a fairly decent graphics card. You have neither of these so it's not going to run smoothly. "Minimum system requirements" are what's required for it to run. You barely hit the requirements, so it barely runs.

        Either upgrade to some serious hardware, or switch to a lighter frontend.
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          Like the other posters have said, the M10000 is too slow to run Centrafuse now. It was also my first board quite some time ago but had to give up on it. If you want to pick up a cheap board thats the bare minimum for Centrafuse 3x not sure about 4. Search eBay for the Intel D945GCLF2. Its a dual core Intel Atom motherboard. You could probably get one for 30 or 40 bucks now.

          I'm currently running that board and it works fine for what I do. Although I just got my new i3 setup in the mail, so not for long.
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            thanks to eberybody 4 your help!!

            like al of you suggested ive upgraded my system with :

            asrock ad525pv3 1,8ghz dual core
            4 gb ram 1333
            zotac GeForce FX 5200 256mb ddr
            and everything goes perfect now!!

            but i got still one problem and i dont know if is the right place to ask...but is about the power supply to the system...

            i got an 4ah 12volt battery connected to the car battery with a diode.... i use the Suspension option for my pc (so it shuold be completely off,not like the standby) but i got stil the bluethoot dongle and usb mouse blinking...but al the fans of....and every morning i have to use a starter to run the car......whats the problem? why the carpc still use power if is off( bluethoot and mouse as i can see).and if is normal how can i solve it?


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              You have to use an automotive power supply for a carpc that kills the 5V line when off , because with your current setup the 5V line stays alive and it drains ur battery. Try a minibox one, like m2atx or m4atx or a DSAXT one.
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                i bought it....waiting for it to check! thanks


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                  what about picopsu 120w?

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                    Originally posted by bludevil View Post
                    what about picopsu 120w?
                    I wouldn't recommend it.
                    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                    How about the Wiki?

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                      Originally posted by DarquePervert View Post
                      I wouldn't recommend it.


                      The pico series need a STABLE 12 V input, or in a car is a mess of voltages, spikes, noise,RF and such.
                      Citroen Xantia 2.0 110 bph

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                        I have a dual core 1.8Ghz atom D525 with NVidia ION2, and CF runs very slow with stock skin, and it is too slow to use with a custom skin (redmegane II). On the other hand, RideRunner runs smooth.