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  • Sound devices and such

    Alright, my setup is a bit unique to what many people are likely running. I'm using AudioMulch to do my crossover work, the problem is I need my default audio output to be through Virtual Audio Cable, but my volume control doesn't work through VAC, it works through a device called M-Audio Multichannel. So is there any way in a config file or something to set volume control to control a different device then what it's outputting through?

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    Hah nevermind! I just figured out that in VAC there is a check box for volume control which enables volume to be controlled through the VAC device. Stupid me


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      Ok, another issue though is that Centrafuse suddenly only wants to use one channel of audio? It was using 2 before....and everything else works just fine it's only Centrafuse? Hmm....