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CF4 Installation Problems

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  • CF4 Installation Problems

    I just did a fresh install of Windows XP SP3 and installed all needed drivers. I downloaded CF4 30-day trial from CF website and also downloaded the additional required packages for XP users. The packages listed to donwload are:

    Windows XP Users- Only required for Windows XP users.

    .NET Framework 3.5 - Required for all XP users
    Microsoft SQL Compact Edition (SQLCE) - Required for library tag support
    Windows Media Player 11 - Required for video & DVD playback
    Microsoft Speech API 5.1 - Required for Voice control - Optional
    Microsoft Data Access Components 2.8 - Required for library tag support (pre XP SP2)

    From what I can tell I only needed .NET Framework 3.5 and SQL Compact Edition. I installed these two packages first and installed CF4 last. No installation errors but when try to open CF4 I just get a message saying CF4 has crashed, do you want to report? No specific error code or anything.

    What's wrong here guys? Thanks in advance!

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    if u download and install these it should clear things up it will say it's a harmful site but it's the redistibutable for the software aka everything they tell u to download and install

    centrafuse redis


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      Did u install .net 4.0?